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What Does an Ideal Bite Look Like? (5 SIMPLE ANSWERS)

So, an ideal bite. While it’s easy for some people to identify when they may need to have their teeth straightened, there are also times when it can be difficult to do so. Small issues pertaining to a misaligned bite or crooked teeth can be tricky to spot unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. In order to fully understand what a perfect bite should look like, you’ll need to look at your teeth from several different angles.

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Fluoridation and the Effects (on my Child’s Mouth)

Your child’s dental health is important if you want their teeth to remain healthy throughout childhood and adolescence. While making sure that your child brushes and flosses regularly should keep their teeth healthy, a type of mineral that can be very beneficial for your child’s dental health is fluoride. Which is primarily known to help with the prevention of tooth decay. If you want to avoid taking your child to a dental expert like an orthodontist too often, it’s important that you understand more about fluoridation and the effects it has on your child’s mouth.

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Brushing Your Teeth with Braces (7 Tips)

If you have braces, you probably can’t wait for the day when you can finally see your new and improved smile. For the time being, though, you have to deal with the hardware. Which means caring for your teeth and the braces themselves. If you want to be truly impressed once it’s time to get the braces off, you’ll need to take care of them when they’re still on. A big portion of this is cleaning regularly and correctly. Read on for the best tips about how brushing your teeth with braces can be easy and fulfilling.

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What Are The Signs (of a Good Orthodontist)

Maintaining healthy teeth, gum, and jawbone structure begin from infancy and continues into adulthood. It is essentially a lifelong process of visiting your dentist for routine checkups and cleaning and your orthodontist for specialized care. Children, teenagers, and adults typically see their orthodontist for problems such as overcrowding teeth, underbites, overbites, receding jaw, or protruding jaw.

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The Importance of Wearing a Retainer (after Treatment)

The Importance of wearing a retainer after treatment. The big day has arrived for your braces to come off, and you are so excited to finally see that beautiful smile! While you will be free from some of the restrictions that were involved with your past treatment plan, you should be aware that keeping that smile straight still requires some additional care.

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What Kind of Training (Do Pediatric Orthodontists do?)

If you are thinking about taking your child to an orthodontist but are wondering about how qualified pediatric orthodontists are, you should be aware of the extensive amount of schooling and degree requirements that are necessary for an orthodontist to obtain. With this information in hand, you should be more confident about taking your child to an orthodontist. Then exploring their options for straighter teeth.

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What Guidelines Help Children? (Remain Cavity-free)

What guidelines will help children remain cavity-free? Cavities are one of the most preventable oral health conditions that your child can get, but it does take a strong commitment from you and your child to reduce their risk of developing tooth decay. Today, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines are the most trusted resource available to help you work with your child’s orthodontic care team to lower their risk of developing cavities. To help you get started, these are some of the most simple guidelines that you can follow to help your child avoid the most common pediatric dental issues.

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Early Orthodontic Assessment and Treatment (Benefits)

UPDATED 28-11-18

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Assessment and Treatment. There are a number of different teeth and jaw conditions that can develop in children as they grow. Many of these conditions can be corrected quickly and easily. With an early assessment and proper orthodontic treatment, a wide range of conditions can be prevented. Children and parents benefit from early orthodontic assessment as well as treatment. This can begin as early as seven years old. It will save parents money, time and worry.

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Complete Guide to Oral Health (EPIC TRUTH)

Complete Guide to Oral Health. Good oral health is important at any age. The steps a person takes to care for their teeth and gums will benefit them for life. Those who do not care for their teeth can experience tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum disease, which can all cause a person to feel embarrassed about their smile. Proper oral hygiene practices need to begin taking place as soon as a child cuts their first tooth and should continue throughout life.

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The Invisible Braces Race (THE CHOICES LIST)

The invisible braces race. The quest for the perfect set of teeth used to require a person to spend many weeks struggling with the appearance of a mouth full of metal. Now, however, that is no longer the case, and new methods to straighten teeth are constantly being created that have only minimal impacts upon your lifestyle and looks. While clear plastic aligner trays often take center stage, our patients are excited to discover that there are tons of other options out there. Ones that can be used to straighten and align teeth no matter how crooked they are at the beginning of the treatment.

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