Dr. Tisseront - Figure Sculpture - Reston

Dr. Tisseront practices Figure Sculpting, an artistic outlet showcasing his natural ability to understand human form.

A talented artist, Dr. Tisseront channels his artistic nature to both his figure sculptures and the smiles he creates for you! With a Smile by Dr. Tisseront, you have the great fortune to benefit from both the doctor and the artist.

Keenly aware of what will happen to the profile of a face when teeth are moved, Dr. Tisseront has a true vision of beauty for each individual who comes to see him for his expertise.

His Orthodontic treatment plans are about the face and facial structure as a whole.

Dr. Tisseront is a true artist in his field. Browse throughout our website to view Dr. Tisseront’s real patient smiles!

dr tisseront - sculpture hercules

dr tisseront - hercules sculpture

Figure Sculpture