Plaque Vs Tartar: What Is The Difference?

Posted | oral health

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in our body and is more rigid than bone. But that doesn’t mean you must care for your teeth any less than the rest of the body. Dental problems like plaque and tartar, if left unchecked, can damage your teeth and lead to more complex problems with your gums….

Tongue Thrusting – Symptoms Explained

Posted | oral health

Tongue thrust is the orofacial myofunctional disorder that occurs when using pacifiers or for a long time. Thumb sucking is the same in toddlers and young children. It can also be a consequence of a tongue lace problem (tongue-tie.) FACT: Myofunctional treatment helps correct incorrect tongue movements. Let’s start now. Dr. TisserontI feel very fortunate…

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