What Happens if You Don’t Wear Your Retainer After Braces?

If you’re an orthodontic patient, your orthodontist probably reminds you how important wearing your retainer is at every appointment. But what really happens if you don’t wear your retainer after getting braces? Will your treatment have gone to waste, or is it less necessary than your doctor makes it seem?

What Does an Ideal Bite Look Like? (5 SIMPLE ANSWERS)

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So, an ideal bite. While it’s easy for some people to identify when they may need to have their teeth straightened, there are also times when it can be difficult to do so. Small issues pertaining to a misaligned bite or crooked teeth can be tricky to spot unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. In order to fully understand what a perfect bite should look like, you’ll need to look at your teeth from several different angles.

Brushing Your Teeth with Braces (7 Tips)

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Last Updated on March 6, 2019 If you have braces, you probably can’t wait for the day when you can finally see your new and improved smile. For the time being, though, you have to deal with the hardware. Which means caring for your teeth and the braces themselves. If you want to be truly impressed once it’s…

What Guidelines Help Children? (Remain Cavity-free)

Last Updated on March 6, 2019 What guidelines will help children remain cavity-free? Cavities are one of the most preventable oral health conditions that your child can get, but it does take a strong commitment from you and your child to reduce their risk of developing tooth decay. Today, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines are the most…

Avoid Teeth Removal for Braces (FACTS)

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Last Updated on January 26, 2019 Avoid teeth removal for braces? Orthodontists sometimes use dental braces to deal with misaligned or crowded teeth. Having straight teeth helps to improve a person’s cosmetic appearance. Straight teeth also affect how a person chews their food. Dental patients often wonder whether their orthodontist will remove some teeth during treatment….

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