What Are Orthodontic Elastics? (Rubber Bands)

Last Updated on March 6, 2019 What are orthodontic elastics? When visiting an orthodontist, there are many different appliances that you can and should get for yourself. By working with the pros, you will be able to achieve the beautiful smile that you have always wanted. Whether you’re an adult in braces or have a child…

I’ve Never Seen a Smiling Face that Wasn’t Beautiful

Last Updated on January 22, 2016 Have you ever met someone that seemed quite ordinary but then you saw them smiling – and you discovered how lovely they really were? That can happen to anyone who takes good care of their health and especially their teeth. A smile sends a universal message of friendship and happiness….

Help Spread the Word About Tisseront Orthodontics!

Last Updated on January 22, 2016 Join our TO Magnet contest! Display a TO Magnet on your car, and we’ll be on the lookout for you! If we spot you, you could win a gift certificate to your favorite store! We’ll post a photo on our Instagram and Facebook page, and you’ll also be up on our in-office winner board!…

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